Parent Info Guide for Back to School - Updated for 2021-2022

Your School District Information at your fingertips

August 12, 2021

School is less than a month away!  I compiled a list of many of our local school districts for our Mac Kid families with links to calendars, bus schedules, school supply lists and other pertinent information.

District Info & Calendar        First Day of School                          Resources

Riverview School District


September  1st

Monroe School District

September 8th (grades 1-12)

September 13 for  kindergarten

School Supply Lists

Sultan School District

September 8th for grades 1-5, 6, and 9. 

September 9th for grades 7, 8, 10 and 12.

 September 13th for K

Snohomish School District

September 8th

School Supply Lists

Lake Washington School District

September 1st for 1-12
September 7-9 for Kindergarten

School Supply Lists

Northshore School District

September 1st grades 1-12

September 1st-2nd  for Kindergarten

School Supply Lists

Have a great school year! 



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