Yoga at Home!

By Melinda Larke - Cherry Valley Macaroni Kid Publisher June 22, 2018

I love yoga!  After having babies and growing older I started losing faith in my body.  The parts I don't like are more magnified and let's face it as you grow older you tend to get more little aliments that make you feel like your body is weak.  At least that is my experience. Ha!  Then there is yoga, yoga makes me feel strong.  As I lift my body into the poses I realize there is still some muscle under there somewhere, that my aching back and my aching knees can in fact hold me up and move me in the directions I want to go.  Yoga doesn't make the muscle suddenly appear (that takes more time) but it makes you more aware of your body and what it does for you every single day!  I like that, I also like the calm, the slow movements, and that I get to sit on the floor for a good part of it.  I like it so much, but can never find the time for it in my life!

Then I was emailed by Blair Fillingham and her business MTRNL.  MTRNL is the first and only interactive online yoga studio that specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga. All this awesomeness comes into your home from her home in Carnation.  I had the chance to do yoga and support a local Mom in the process.  Sounds great to me! Obviously, I am not prenatal, and 7 years postnatal but I also haven't done yoga in years so I thought this would be a great way to get back into it.  The other nice thing about yoga is that you can make it what you want; if you want to go deeper, you can go deeper.  You do what is best for YOUR body.  

I was so excited to sign myself up and get started.  First step is to join, unlimited access to MTRNL is only $42.00 per month.  For the $42.00 per month you can attend classes live or access them via the MTRNL Library or private Facebook Group.  Once you are sign up you are ready to go!  The live classes are Saturday mornings in which you are watching and listening through your device and Blair can also watch you as you do your yoga.  This is a great option for people wanting instruction on form!  I must admit that I haven't had the guts try a live class yet.  Soon!  What I love is that I can wake up in the morning and decide to do yoga.  All I have to do is get out my yoga mat and find a class from the library.  I can even do it in my pajamas.  I don't have to get workout ready, find someone to watch my kids, or if the yoga class happens to have a child area to leave my kids, I don't have to get the kids ready.  I tell my kids I am doing yoga, shut my bedroom door, and do my yoga.  Today my son wanted to join me, I loved having him trying yoga and he did great.  Of, course my kids are older, if they were younger I would be waiting until nap or bedtime.  I still wouldn't have to drag them outside the house, which is a huge advantage! 

I tried my first class and fell in love.  The classes are perfect for me.  They are calm, slow moving, and I feel challenged during the class.  I also love that there are so many classes to choose from in the library.  If I want to do core work that day I can, I my back is feeling tight she has a class for that, and I am sure I will find more as I need them. I am so happy to have joined MTRNL and know that it will especially great this summer since the kids are with me all day, every day.  Finding someone to watch them will not be easy and I am sure I will need the calm in the middle of the storm.  To learn more about MTRNL and to join go to  Do it! You won't be disappointed! 

I was provided with a membership to write this review.  All opinions are my own.